Customized workflow that eliminates pain points in collaboration among teams

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Spectrum Dashboard

No time wasted

Spectrum helps track decisions and simplify communication in complex systems. Imagine a clean dashboard where you can get a snapshot of all work in progress.

Do you want to improve inter-departmental cooperation, offer more visibility into a company-wide initiative or speed up vendor management? Then Spectrum can help you.

Intuitive Process

Projects start right

Begin each project with a comprehensive and flexible questionnaire. Rules can automatically send requests and tasks to the appropriate people.


Everyone informed

Give people easier access to the information they need. No more emails to find out what happened to your request. You—and anyone invited to a project—can see exactly what the status is in real time.


See the big picture

The dashboard gives you a clear view of everything your team is working on.


All the details

Financial requests, legal requirements, security audits, file attachments, dates and discussion—everything is organized and tracked in one place.

A Better Process

See how we improve productivity through visibility. We customize a workflow to match the way your team works.

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Looking for a simple workflow tool you can try out today?

If Spectrum sounds like more than you need right now, Biztera Approvals is a self-service tool that lets you securely track projects and spending requests that need approval.

Financial data, searchable details, attachments and comments are all stored together with the original proposal and the decision to approve or reject it.

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