Use Case

Broadcasting decisions in a work-from-home environment

The Problem

Sonia, CFO of a 1,000-person strategy consulting company, is eager to help the team transition to working from home. She has already deployed a messaging tool, but when it comes to making decisions, hesitation and confusion reign. The team is too used to in-person meetings.

Chaos is creeping in. Decisions are excruciatingly slow. Execution is incoherent.

Disciplined call to action

Sonia deploys Spectrum.

Every request, whether to buy something or hire someone, is visible to everyone concerned. Key updates are no longer lost or ignored. The team’s beat accelerates. Collaboration on decisions is working.

Requesting a decision

Graham urgently needs approval to hire a senior data scientist to accommodate a new client. He has to make a strong case because his bosses are reluctant to add a new headcount.

He submits a new decision request in Spectrum. Detailed questions guide him. Spectrum assists him in submitting a professional request.

Spectrum’s rules automatically send the request to the appropriate approvers: Graham’s boss, his boss’s boss, and Sonia.

Making decisions remotely

Spectrum notifies Sonia that it’s her turn to approve Graham’s request. Graham’s managers have already granted their approval, but the buck stops with her.

She sends a comment to Graham asking for clarification on a detail. Eventually satisfied, she clicks the Approve button.

Decision made. Execution Completed.

Olga in recruiting takes over. Notified by Spectrum that a headcount has been approved, she jumps into action. She has a set of recruiting tools she puts to use to fill the headcount. But when it comes to informing Graham and his bosses of the hiring status, she uses Biztera.

Once the top candidate for the job has accepted the offer. Olga sets the recruiting status to Completed and adds a comment about the candidate’s start date.

The cycle is complete. It is all documented in Spectrum.

Relevant analytics

Sonia creates reports to tally the total amount approved for each department and to track new hire requests. With Biztera, the numbers she cares about are at her fingertips.

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