Use Case

Inter-departmental collaboration

The Problem

Peter is a marketing director at Seashell, a 3,000-person enterprise with ten offices around the globe. The CEO has recently agreed to increase the marketing budget. With that comes increased accountability to deliver results.

In the past, launching a marketing initiative with a new vendor has been a nightmare.

Peter’s colleagues in other departments are professional, but swamped. Finding out what progress they’ve made is like pulling teeth. Getting things done is like driving downtown in the thick of commute hours.

The new marketing project

This time Peter can use Biztera.

He is championing a new social advertising campaign to get new sales leads. He has identified a new digital advertising agency with promising credentials. He is eager to put all the pieces in place to launch the campaign ASAP.

Peter creates a new project in Spectrum. He launches three simultaneous requests.

  • A financial approval of $100,000 for his new pet project
  • A legal contract with the hot new digital agency
  • A security audit of the agency

Transparent collaboration

Automatic rules route the requests to the appropriate people in each department. A lot of information is shared on the Biztera dashboard with everyone involved, but each department also has its private section for sensitive conversations or confidential documents.

The high dollar amount automatically triggers a mandatory financial decision from the CMO first, followed by the CFO. Luckily, they are quick to grant approval once they see Peter’s attached ROI document.

Productivity and accountability

If anyone in the organization is taking too long to engage, the dashboard makes it plain to everyone where the bottleneck is. Peter can easily see where things stand and take steps to address any problems with each department.

Bonus: everyone can also tell who is going the extra mile.

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