Use Case

Procurement gets its house in order

The Problem

Robert, head of procurement at a large enterprise, is tired of the constant chaos. His department faces an onslaught of requests. It seems like every other employee wants to buy a new software tool. Contract renewals are often late. Analytics are hard to compile.

The procurement team needs a way to streamline requests and keep track of them.

Automated visibility

Robert deploys Biztera Spectrum. Within days the chaos ends. Robert has a lot more time and a lot fewer headaches.

Employees wanting the procurement team’s assistance enter their requests in Spectrum. Customized rules route each request to the right place. Lawyers are appointed to complete contracts. Specialists are designated to review privacy, compliance or security needs.

A procurement request’s trajectory

Looking to increase the quality of sales prospects, Brian submits a request for a new lead generation tool he saw at a conference. Brian’s request is automatically routed to the head of marketing for approval.

Once approved, the request is automatically assigned to Rebecca in the legal department. Rebecca expedites a contract draft to the vendor. Negotiations ensue. It takes a few iterations until the contract language is finalized. The contract is eventually signed. At each step of the way, Rebecca keeps everyone updated in Spectrum.

Relevant analytics

At the end of each month, Robert compiles a list of the number of requests his team has completed and how long it took. At any time, he can see how many projects are pending and where they stand.

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A Better Process

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